Ok teams!! Here is the proposed schedule for the tournament.  It should be set up so that every team plays each other once, and there shouldn't be longer than a 30 minute "wait period" for any team.

Because we have 6 teams, we will need to have two matches going on at the same time or we will be playing all night (which may not be a bad thing for some of us!) .

Please don't be too hard on me regarding the schedule - if you have suggestions for improvement - send them my way!

Here is a reminder of the rules:

1) Each team will have only a 5 minute grace period to get their teams into the game lobby (if your game starts at 7:00 pm, you must be in the lobby no later that 7:05 pm). Teams not in the game lobby within the allotted grace period will forfeit the match. No exceptions - we need to stay on schedule if possible.

2) A third party will host; if a member of a given team has to host, that person must sit the game out while they are hosting.

3) Hosts should invite each team captain for the match to the game, then the team captain can invite the remaining players.

3) Hosts will need to make sure the loadout Stasis Auxillary (cloak) and have it turned on so that they can't be targeted. Hosts should not have health packet, energy packet or other "team enhancers" loaded out to avoid giving an advantage to the team they spawn on.

4) Hosts should set Matches to 11 minutes, to 9 players (to avoid spawning bots), and set to private; the first minute will be used to switch teams.  Players should switch to the team that their team captain spawns on. If both captains spawn on the same side, team members should switch to the side that spawns the majority of their players. When the clock hits 10 minutes, the game will begin.

5) Team captains will be responsible for recording the scores of their matches or designating a team member to record those scores for them.

6) Scores should be reported back to Wizgod during your team's next break.

XBox 360 Tron Evolution Tournament - Schedule Saturday December 3, 2011

XBox 360 Tron Evolution Tournament - Schedule December 4, 2011


For all TRON Fans and Your EXCLUSIVE home for Tron Evolution on the XBox 360, PS3 and PC!

Talk to other fans and discuss what you like (or don't like) about anything Tron related!

  • Get hint, tips & tricks from other players on XBox Live, the PS3 or PC!
  • Connect with other Programs!
  • Enter the Grid and get involved in the End of Line Club!
  • For new players right to the pros, get and give helpful advise on the game!
  • Call out those players for a match in a Tron Evolution Challenge to see who's better!

Please review the Tronscendency Terms and Policy for the forum before joining in any discussions.


Tron Uprising Videos


Happy New Year Programs and Users!!

May the new year (or cycle) bring you and yours great joy!



The next XBox 360 Tron Evolution Tournament will be held at the begining of December with the Round Robin on the 3rd and Semi-Finals on the 4th, with the Finals on the 7th - the one year anniversary of the game's release! The matches will start at 6:00pm MST.

U53R K1LL3R5
Tron and the R3VOLution
U53R5 R3V3NG3

We have 1 team slot available. Details:

  • Slots are awarded on a first come basis.
  • The map for this tournament will be Heat Sink.
  • Matches will be 11 minutes with 1 minute for team organization and 10 minutes for game play.
  • You MUST have a team with a minimum of 4 players available in order to compete.
  • Your team MUST be able to dedicate their time to the tournament.
  • You MUST be online and present for your scheduled times. If your full team is not present within 5 minutes of the scheduled time, you forfeit that game.
  • You cannot take advantage of glitches or mods.
  • Additional details/requirements and/or rules may be added.

If you would like to participate and aren't part of a team, join one or create one! (How do I join a team for the tournaments?)

Captains, when you have your teams ready, go to the event details for the tournament and respond that you will be attending. You will be responding for your whole team.


I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted! I know I didn't get what I wanted...Rosmina told Santa not to buy me the Tron Keyboard - she doesn't like me playing Tron Evolution all the time Smile.

Live chat has been added to the site - the link, Live Chat, is available on the navigation menu.

There is no paging feature so the best thing to do is open the chat window when you log in and leave it open, ready for when others sign in.

If you run into any issues with the new chat, post them in the Guru Meditation forum area.

'How Do You Get Your Disc So Hard?' T-Shirt Contest Winner

Win a How Do You Get Your Disc So Hard T-Shirt!CONGRATULATIONS to IccarusNine on being the winner in the Tron Evolution Help question contest!

He has been notified and will be receiving the Tronscendency EXCLUSIVE "How Do You Get Your Disc So Hard?" T-Shirt!

But just because the contest is over doesn't mean you need to stop asking questions (or answering them)! Everyone needs help sometimes and your questions and answers will help other in the same situation!

Please continue to post your question in the Tron Evolution Help forum!

System Notification: Hells Q U A K E has been banned from

Members are given 3 warnings before being banned and even though Hells Q U A K E had previously been given only one warning, he failed to follow the Tronscendency Terms & Policy.

I have banned him immediately without further warnings for going to his topics and deleting the content of his posts along with renaming the original subjects.

I do not intend to restore the content of the posts but as time permits I will rename the topics to their original subject.

His corner will remain as a locked forum area.


Win a How Do You Get Your Disc So Hard T-Shirt!Have you got questions about the game? Need answers? Help?

Post your question in the Tron Evolution Help forum!

On June 1st, 2011, the post that has at least one acceptable answer (the question - not replies) with the most Views and Thank You's (for asking the question) will win a EXCLUSIVE "How Do You Get Your Disc So Hard?" T-Shirt!

* Some conditions apply.

Dear Members,

Please remember that this site and community is first and foremost for fans of anything TRON and then Tron Evolution on the XBox 360.

Hells Q U A K E has confirmed his gaming style and there is no need to continually attack or start attacking (new members) him regarding it. It is a point of fact that he has reached his level killing "bots". So what? Who cares? Play the game, enjoy it and don't worry about how others reach their goals.

Be a contributing member of the community. Enjoy, the company of other fans/members/players. Discuss TRON - the movies, the game, or anything else on your mind.

Don't let the grid rule "in the real world"...


Please review the Tronscendency Terms and Policy for the forum.

You agree not to publish any personal attacks or abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-oriented or any other material. Doing so may lead to you being immediately and permanently banned.


Let me be the first to welcome Hells Q U A K E, the #1 rank on the XBox360 Tron Evolution, to!

Wizgod chatted with him earlier today and invited him to join our community and he accepted! They talked about 30-45 minutes and Hells Q U A K E cleared up some misunderstandings and misconceptions that Wizgod, and perhaps others, had about him.

This is a great opportunity for all of us to get to know Hells Q U A K E better and welcome him into our friend-ly online matches!

A forum area has been created - Hells Q U A K E's Corner - for anything on his mind and we are hoping that he will provide his insight into the game; his likes, dislikes, how to get higher on the leaderboard and the best strategies!


I have no words to express how I'm feeling after watching this clip! I am so pumped! I hope Disney follows through with it.

The term was penned by Steven Lisberger (writer/director of the original TRON and writer/producer on TRON: Legacy) when he was describing the very inspirational score of Daft Punk on TRON: Legacy:

More than twenty five years ago I inspired Daft Punk with the original TRON.
With this score, that inspiration has come back to me in full measure.
The TRON cycle now continues.
The disc turns. Daft Punk has increased TRON: Legacy's bandwidth,
adding depth to the low end, the Soul, and expanding the high end, the Spirit.
They have decompressed the TRON universe and created a new form of cyber Opera.
This is the next part of the storyline, a new benchmark - this is "Tronscendency."
Perhaps others will one day want to return to TRON with their own talents
and new technologies.
When they do it will be because this music made them feel being a "User"
means creating beyond the limits of every program.

Steven Lisberger


Now who wouldn't want to be there to see that? A poll has been set up to see how many of us want to see this happen. I know xvBLADERUNNERvx is ready for it, it's just a matter of getting Hells Q U A K E to follow suit.

The idea/plan is to have as yet to be defined number of tournaments in various maps with the two going head to head while 8 other spectators watch with delight.

For those who don't know who either are, they are the #1 (Hells Q U A K E) and #2 (xvBLADERUNNERvx) ranking players on the Tron Evolution game leaderboard for the XBox 360. Currently as of today, they are separated by 29950 derezzes and 11328 assists:

Global Leaderboard            Derezzes   Assists
#1: Hells Q U A K E             68481          21193
#2: xvBLADERUNNERvx    38531          9865

Now there has been some scuttlebutt on XBox Live as to why Hells Q U A K E has such a commanding lead over the #2 ranking player but I'll let others give their opinions. I, however was (un)fortunate to run into him in a session he was hosting (where he was definately playing bots only) - I started to give a greeting telling him how great it's going to play against him and before I could even finish my sentence I was booted out - I guess he wanted to kill bots by himself...

Based on the length of time the game has been out (90 days as of today) Hells Q U A K E would have to have been playing 7 days a week and getting 760.9 derezzes per day. Now this is easy to achieve if you are playing against bots (at least 100 per 10 minute session) but against another player(s) it's not so easy. It seems that a large portion of his day is spent playing Tron but it's rare that any gamer runs into him in a session.

Anyways more details to come on this as the idea grows.


Bits and Bytes

Latest Message: 6 years, 9 months ago
  • Greetings Programs! Hope everyone has been doing great the past couple years. Miss playing Tron.
  • How to get additional grid suit or multi map pack. xbox home - games - browse games - search games - use letters at top to type in "tron evolution" - click on the tron evolution graphic - extras. yes it is downloadable content.
  • I now have a rinzler assasin squad look out for me and my team on the grid
  • Greetings Programs!
  • Downtown, in the real world, totally flooded and evacuated.
  • Greetings users. Welcome to the late night derez - a - thon.
  • Good job, the Youtube links were awful!
  • I've removed the youtube links, autoplay was disabled on them but they still kept playing. Don't know why.
  • You guys have GOT to do something about the YouTube links on the bottom of this site.
  • Greetings Programs! How is the Grid these days?
  • Wizgod i forgot the password to xXrobin827Xx contact me at «email» or xxrobin827xx on skype or xbox :P
  • Greetings programs. Thank you for not banning me. Hehe.
  • Greetings, programs.
  • New Uprising album and videos out!! Excellent composition!!
  • Me so happy
  • I miss ou Missy!!!
  • Greetings Programs!!!! Miss me?
  • @Stomymeeper: Not bad at all! Keep going!
  • Im doing bad in "the grid" I'm #328
  • OMG I remember this: «link»
  • Wizgod when you have the chance. Please read the email I sent you.
  • Have o visit the Grid soon again. «link» 8 - )
  • Tron Fans must check this out! «link»
  • Lately there have been more 50s out playing before I go to bed which has been a nice and welcome change.
  • They can't yield, Wizgod, so they ban you. It's a compliment.
  • I hate getting banned : - (
  • I think drugs have done some *good* things for us, I really do. And if you don’t believe drugs have done good things for us, do me a Favor
  • : Bulldogs with yet another try bringing the score to 18 - 6 f mulberry">«link» bags sale Embarrassed
  • Greetings Programs! What great weather off the grid this weekend. Time spent jumping into the lake : - )
  • Thank you.
  • Oops. Send me a friend request so that I can add you. When you see me online, send a text message with the word "training" at the very beginning.
  • SuziKawa.
  • Re: Being banned. Ok, this banning thing is outta control. You want to disc harder/ride better at Tron Evolution and so do I. I am not not the best. Can list at least 20 people better than me at the top of my head. Look me up at gamertag SuziKawa and I will let you know everything I know. Will only take 1 person at a time.
  • Greetings Programs! Been a busy user these days.
  • «link» - - - mT0 - 2Ug&feature=g - vrec
  • Watching it on the 120" screen Wink
  • Watched the movie for the 10000'th time.
  • Anyone doing anything special for the 30th anniversary of the theatrical premiere of Tron today?

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